Self Acceptance


My journey is one towards self love and self acceptance. It is difficult at times, rewarding at others. A big chunk of my growth in this area comes in the ways I choose to appreciate my body and physical appearance.

I met Boon Ong when I posed nude for an Off-Beat Figure Drawing session, which was a big step for me in being seen as I am. He photographed that session with such dramatic flair, and I have been inspired by his work ever since.

Boon recently took these photographs of me. At first, I wasn’t going to share these, but I don’t feel like I have anything to hide. In reality, I honour the human body, including my own (despite the protesting voices in my head right now). And so, I share these with you. Yes, they are nudes. Don’t click the link if you don’t want to see them. And if you do, make sure to listen to the music Boon has chosen, too.

Here’s what Boon said about this session:
“This session is extraordinary special to me. The first consultation was in May and since then, her story kept lingering in mind for months. Hearing her saying how she dislikes her body, just like everyone telling me how they are not readied, actually aches my heart and it deeply influenced my creating process. I am so proud of her for taking that step, yet so glad and honour that I am the one who photograph. This is the truly the most simple, raw and honest beauty of a boudoir.”

Thank you, Boon. I feel honoured.

Here's the post:


6 thoughts on “Self Acceptance

  1. Peg

    BRAVO Bel!!! You brought tears to my eyes….tears of admiration. You made my heart smile…..a smile I only experience when a person truly steps out of her comfort, and into the space of her freedom! Your photography session is pure art. And I saw the most beautiful woman I know and I saw her magical spirit shine brightly:) May you now be able to put a period on the past and start writing your new novel of life!!


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