SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 330: Allow


I need frequent reminders to allow myself to feel whatever is coming up for me. Sometimes I don’t want to feel jealous, so I push it down. Or I don’t like the intense feelings of anger, so I look to be grateful instead. Or if I am overcome with sadness and slowness and a feeling of sorrow, I want it to go away. Luckily, I have a wonderful partner in my life who not only reminds me to allow my feelings, but is willing to provide the space for them (for me) to be seen and heard.

I am also allowing myself to feel my feelings when I am on my own. Yesterday, I allowed my sadness. I wallowed a little, ate many cookies without giving myself a guilt trip, and lay in bed to rest and nap. Throughout my allowing, I still heard the voice that didn’t want to allow: “You should be outside”, “You’re not being productive”, “The kids will be mad that you ate all the cookies”. I allowed those voices to have their say, too, but I didn’t follow their orders.

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