SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 295: Space


As much as I adore spending time with the man in my life, I also know that I need space. I wasn’t really aware of this need during my 16-year marriage. I knew I needed alone time, but my need for physical space became really apparent to me once my husband left the house one year ago. He had told me that I take up a lot of “energetic space”, and it was difficult for me to know what that meant, and how it felt for him, seeing as I live inside my body.

But once he left, I had a greater appreciation for his comment. Not only did I feel an expansion in my own energetic field, but I also noticed how much I then enjoyed having one week stretches away from my children (when they were at their father’s house). I had the time, the space, and the energy to simply be me.

Any thoughts I now have about living with an intimate partner are quickly tempered by my knowledge and awareness of my need for space – not just physical, but temporal, mental, and emotional. I am grateful to have this awareness now.

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