SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 196: (love)

Every time I hear or read about someone proclaiming self love, I wonder how they are doing it. Does it come easily to them? Do they feel it all the time?

I’m in the second year of my SelfLove365 project, and I still feel like I’m a long way away from loving myself fully. I know I do a lot of great things for myself, and that in this moment I’m focussing on what I’m not doing, but so be it. Right now, all I can see are the ways in which I don’t love me. The way I allow my habits to control my life and my health and well-being. The way I allow these habits to keep me from feeling my absolute best. These are ways to maintain the truth (as I’ve always believed) about not being good enough.

When will I finally be able to let go of that belief, take control of my life, and love myself? I feel like it would be so easy to make the switch, and that it’s not complicated at all.

And yet, here I am. Still.

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