SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 193: Remembering My Path


Sometimes I think I know what my path is: to grow, to learn to trust, to create, to inspire, to just be, to love myself, to love others, to see that I am enough.

How can I really know what my path is? I can’t see it ahead of me; I can only see where I’ve been, and how far I’ve travelled. There is much to be learned from paying attention to the path I have already taken.

Also, today James Jesso asked, “What is in the way of your path?”, and then later suggested that whatever is in our way, is actually “of our way”. That which I think is holding me back (tonight, it was my belief that I’m not good enough), is actually helping me along my path. I continue to visit this story, to see where it just isn’t true, to notice when it is true, to see how it shapes my beliefs and actions. I am, in fact, choosing this thing that holds me back – I’m choosing to allow it into my life, to bring me whatever lessons it is going to teach. The moment I am ready to drop it, then I will choose to do so (in theory, anyway).

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