SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 181: Gratitude


Thank you body, for being my vehicle, for showing me what needs attention, and for giving me pleasure and pain.

Thank you children, for reflecting back to me all the things I need to face, for teaching me patience, for being outlets for unconditional love.

Thank you Braden, for being a catalyst for change, for keeping it real, for supporting me in all the ways you do, for showing me what fucking is, for exploring new and scary territories with me, for your beauty and wisdom, for being me.

Thank you my friends and family, for being my backbone, my unwavering support, the people I lean on, for giving me reasons to keep on going, for your strength and encouragement, and your love.

Thank you Mother Earth, for your trees and your colours, for always being there, for your endless forgiveness, for holding me, and for your power.

Thank you to all my parts and stories- the little girl, the shame, the judge and critic, the artist, the mother, the not-good-enough, the too-much, the attention seeker, the slut, the rebel, the dominatrix, the prude. Thank you for teaching me lessons and helping me on my path.

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