SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 136: Ask for help


Almost exactly 8 years ago, I was hospitalized for several days because of a high fever and a full-body rash that the doctors suspected to be an allergic reaction, but after much testing, they could only suggest that it was all due to a viral infection. It wasn’t either of these things, and my body knows it.

The rash began shortly after completing a weekend Core Connexion dance workshop, during which I danced out the story of “not needing help from anyone” (even metaphorically, through dance, I was unwilling to receive help). The idea that I can, or need to, do everything on my own, is strongly linked to my perfectionism, and it’s a story that’s been with me a long time. The hospital stay forced me to receive help, to be fed, looked after and cared for, and to allow others to look after my three very young children, too.

Since then, I have had more awareness in recognizing my limitations, I’ve had more courage to ask for help, and I have even been able to enjoy receiving help from others.

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