SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 125: Grow & Change


When I hang on tight to the perception that nothing changes, then I am forced to adapt when it does, and it isn’t always pretty. Sometimes the changes in life are tiny, infinitesimal even, and they can slip by unnoticed, building change upon change until I finally realize what is happening (like my children growing).

I want to embrace the idea that people are always changing, so the person I thought I knew yesterday is now a stranger to me, and I can then access the curiosity and interest and attention towards them that may not otherwise have been there.

Who are you today?

If I can do this with others, then surely I can also take the same approach with myself. As my good friend Evangelos reminds me often: there is no fixed self. This is ultimately very freeing. I can discover, invent, and create myself anew everyday, if I choose.

Who am I today?

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