SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 106: Intuition


Lately, my intuition has been heightened, to the point of sending me signals about things before they even happen. Sometimes I miss the signals, and realize soon afterwards where I had missed them. Recently, though, I have caught the signals, and predicted events before they occurred. It’s been rather freaky! But maybe not, really, since I suppose that’s what intuition implies, isn’t it – a knowing about something before it happens. Maybe my “heightened” intuition is no more than a greater awareness of what was already there to begin with.

I appreciate having the subtle intuition of my body – when it tells me that something I say isn’t going to land quite right, or when it gives me the instinct to change the direction I am taking, to choose another path.

The body is like a radio, picking up frequencies from the universe, translating them into something I can understand. Whether or not I choose to listen is up to me.

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