SelfLove 365, Year 2, Day 103: Taking Care of Me


There’s this: today I sliced a small flap of skin off my finger. I wasn’t paying attention while I was cutting a board with an X-acto knife (and this is not the first time this has happened either – I did the same thing almost exactly 20 years ago).

So, knowing this just happened, I’m inclined to say I don’t take care of myself well, but considering what happened afterwards, I’d say I did a pretty good job. I immediately sent an audio message to a friend, who called me within a few seconds. I knew I was in a bit of shock, and he helped to ground me by talking me through what to do. I rinsed and bandaged my finger, cried, and kept talking to him until I felt sufficiently back to my normal state of consciousness. I ate lunch and gave myself time to read in the sunlight. Then I went to the Medicentre to have it properly dressed.

A friend told me that the finger I cut is associated with power, and this message resonated for me. One of the ways I don’t take care of myself is by cutting my own power, cutting myself down (like telling myself I’m not enough, not doing enough, like I did above, when I equated cutting myself with not taking care of me), and choosing to be less than I can be. While I have some growth to be had in terms of taking care of my physical body, my inner world is where I really want to learn to take care of myself, to fill myself up, boost my energy, and recharge my power.

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