Sunday rainbows, croissants and painting!

My Sunday went a little like this…

Started off the day by painting in pajamas.


Brown-butter-banana-Nutella croissant sandwiches are part of a nutritious breakfast (you know, if you actually eat healthy stuff with them).


I cleaned out my filing cabinet and found my Grade 3 autobiography. It seems I always knew my calling, and somehow had the impression, even at a young age, that I may not make enough money as an artist. Despite this, I still resisted the apparent pressure to become a doctor – it must have been there because I was quite adamant about not becoming one!


The day was gloomy, with winter winds blowing in again, so I perked it up with my rainbow knee high and bracelet, and my new shirt and neck warmer that my wonderful friend Mandy made for me.



2 thoughts on “Sunday rainbows, croissants and painting!

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Sounds like a fun day. Your handwriting was so neat for being 8 (?) years old. Wow. And how cool that your chosen path then was what you became. I wrote a plan when I was 8 – not for school, just for me – to get me out of my home town. I had it all mapped out up to the age of 25 (must have been the oldest I could envisage mystic being) and I actually followed it so closely that I had a mini crisis at 25 when I no longer had my plan to use as scaffolding. Sadly my plan got lost in one of the many house moves I have made in my life. I wish I still had it just as you have your autobiography.


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