SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 63: Growth


How have I grown today? In what ways have I stretched myself beyond my circle of comfort? Have I tried a new activity? Learned something? Made a real effort to expand my capacity for compassion?

This is growth: I spend extra time today giving myself pleasure. Allowing pleasure, really seeking it out and giving in to it, has been a slow, sometimes difficult and shame-filled process.

This is growth: I was consistently aware of how I responded to my son with irritation and impatience, and the awareness was almost immediate. When the awareness comes this quickly, choice and change can occur more easily.

This is growth: I spoke my truth to someone I don’t know well, even though it meant this person may not like me.

This is growth: Instead of hoping I could have time to myself this evening, I invited my daughter to speak to me, to speak her truth, express her anger. I stayed connected and present with her, through her “it’s your fault” and “I hate you”. I thanked her. I showed her she’s still loved and is safe to express these things to me, that I welcome hearing them.

To learn more about the SelfLove365 Project, click here.

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