SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 60: Intention


How do I move from intention to action? Presence, awareness and breath. Without these things, my intention remains where it was created: in my head.

I need to be careful not to turn my intentions into rules. Once they become rules, I resist them. Intentions have an openness that allows for mistakes. It seems like a fine line, though, between intention and rule. Rules imply a necessity, and an external voice telling me what I “should” do. Intentions seem to stem more from an inner desire.

Intentions are useful within the concept of goals. My goal is to be present in the moment, so I may, for an evening, set an intention to do so, to return to my breath when I think of it. I also have the goal of maintaining a healthy body. Within that goal, I don’t set rules, but intend to workout every other day, eat well, and get to sleep at a decent hour. This doesn’t always happen. Maybe intentions are too easy on me, but I can keep assessing and renewing my intentions everyday. Rules seem so set in stone. The actions I decide to take will really depend on how aware I am in the moment, and whether or not I choose to perpetuate my old habits.

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