Perfectionism doesn’t die easily.

If at all. Lots of thinking during my last day at the beach. Not all of it on paper yet, though.


2 thoughts on “Perfectionism doesn’t die easily.

  1. casandralee

    i feel the desire to get externally rewarded too. it is nice and i do believe we need it but always just to an extent. what helped me was turning the voice inside to a positive and supportive voice. Beyond the voice, trying to have little expectations makes sure I don’t get let down. Giving the reigns to reality and grounding my wants/desires into reality and my self. But like the person in your journal experienced a grumpy day which you very smartly portrayed as good to not be suppressing emotions, we all have grumpy times. We need certain nourishments and sometimes we are in a deficiency of them so we express that frustration. Which may possibly feed how we come across what we need.

    really glad i stumbled upon your post! it’s nice connecting with you over a similar emotional experience 🙂


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