Sewing on my Shadow

SelfLove365: Day 195

During a healing session with Roxanne, she asked me to go into the well in my heart. This visualization was very clear for me: the well was deep, dark, damp, and scary. I entered it from a vast library, and as I went down into the well, with Roxanne at my side, I was scared, but she encouraged me to go to the bottom (I didn’t think there was a bottom, but she assured me there was one). Once I was there, I found a book on the ground: “Peter Pan”. This seemed odd to me, at first, until I remembered that I used to listen to the soundtrack often, when I was a child. I opened it, and turned to two parts in the story. One was the scene where Wendy and her brothers are first leaping from the window, into the sky. The other was the image of Wendy sewing Peter’s shadow to him. Both of these had meaning for me, which Roxanne explained, but I already knew the meanings intuitively, too. The image of sewing on the shadow was particularly important to me – I can claim my shadow side, and know that it also helps others create a clearer view of themselves, and in this way, it is a gift.



3 thoughts on “Sewing on my Shadow

  1. scrapitch

    so scary! i don’t think it’s a good idea to enter your own well all by yourself; you need someone beside you to assure you that what you find has got a meaning and it’s to help you to get to know yourself better….we don’t want to see the gremlins but we need the wendy’s!

  2. scrapitch

    oh yes and i want to add that i admire you to keep your word and post an inchie a day. i can’t find the dicipline to do that although i acknowledge the richness of it! it is a meditation point of the day to receive your mails!


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