Today’s Lesson: Paint it Black


After I’ve been working on a painting for awhile, I step back and observe. Usually I notice that it is missing something here, or a little something needs to go there. But once in awhile, a painting needs a BIG makeover. It’s too rainbow, too monotonous, and doesn’t have enough contrast. The answer: black.


I can understand how this may be daunting. I can get caught up in not wanting to ruin my painting, whatever that means! I occasionally become attached to certain areas, and allow myself that attachment. Sometimes I will save those little bits, and sometimes I’ll just paint right over them. More often than not, if I save them, after a few days I am able to paint over them without shouting, “CRAP!” Painting with black turns the project right around, allowing it to go in a whole different direction. It’s a great way to get past being stuck and it adds wonderful depth to the image.

IMG_0642 - Version 2

I finished this one today and just love how it turned out (but I am not attached to it.. I could do another round of black, I guess..). I’ve named it “Ether” – it is now available in my etsy shop.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson: Paint it Black

  1. Lin the Pink

    I love this, but have to confess, being a full-on colour kind of lady, I preferred the painting before you altered it! I have done this same thing a few times, and, find that the process works better at the emotional level, as a freeing experience, than sometimes at the artistic level. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

    1. belknits Post author

      Thanks for sharing. For me, it is not so much an emotional thing, but rather, artistically, the painting seems incomplete to me, which is how this one felt after the first stage. I appreciate hearing that you preferred the first painting. I’m not sure how many people really like the final result, and this is a struggle for me – to stay happy with the result (which I was) even after getting very little feedback (or after hearing that it may have been better before I changed it). Thank you for stopping by! -Belinda

  2. ann

    Hi! I must admit that I loved the original one and don’t really care for the altered version. The black seems like a cloud of depression over what was a happy place. Maybe it’s my seasonal depression speaking. Fall is coming and I need sunshine and color!

  3. Nidhi

    Hi! Loved both your before and after painting. The initial one is very likeable from an artistic point of view (the right happy colours). The latter feels its been able to take out a lot more ‘you’, hence my fav of the two. It feels more free of ‘confirmations’ and ‘definitions’ . Hugs,


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