Painting Videos!

I am really excited to show you the first in my series of painting videos! This is Part One, and Part Two will follow soon. The painting will then be auctioned on my Facebook page! I hope you enjoy watching me paint – I’m really, really fast! 😉


5 thoughts on “Painting Videos!

  1. Angie Murray

    So beautiful!! Love it! I wish you would teach an online class! I would sign up today!!! Question– what are your favorite paints to use? Your colors are so bright and vibrant! Do you have a particular brand you typically use? Also, do you use heavy bodied or fluid acrylic? Thanks for the info and for the inspiration! Your work is amazing!

  2. Teresa Roberts

    THANK you for posting these videos – I’m fascinated with this painting technique and you create the most incredible art! PLEASE do an online workshop, or better yet, come to the Midwest (Kansas City, Des Moines, etc.) and do a LIVE workshop!!

    1. belknits Post author

      Wow – thank you for such a sweet message! I am thinking of doing workshops, but I am going to start in my city first!! Thanks again.

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