Painting Progression (Wordless Wednesday)





5 thoughts on “Painting Progression (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. Cynthia Bigrigg

    Okay, seriously, every time your work pops up on my “Reader” feed, I exclaim something. Out loud. Even if there is no one around. I think I just need to suck it up and buy one of your paintings. Or, better yet, learn to paint for myself.

  2. belknits Post author

    You are so sweet! Seriously, head over to Gorilla House – my paintings are much more affordable on Wednesday nights! I will be there tonight, for sure (last time I told you about it, my back went out and I couldn’t make it). Last week, my paintings went for $65 and $110, so really, really affordable. I know that is still not within some peoples’ budgets, but it is much lower than I sell them on any other day!
    Hope you can make it out!
    It’s at the corner of 14th st. and 15th ave, sw.

  3. angela found

    really liking the destroy almost everything approach. That odd little bird head reminds me of a drawing I just did of an odd little bird with heart shapes in it. HHMMM Are we on the same wave length?

    1. belknits Post author

      I can’t even see the bird head!! This is why I never tell people what my paintings are “about”, because they always see things I don’t. 🙂


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