I’m Published!! Yay!!


I am super excited to be published in Art Journaling magazine! My issue just arrived yesterday in the mail, which is good, because I was getting tired of hounding the Indigo staff. I


Let me tell you, all those hours of uploading my images online really paid off. I used to beat myself up about how much time I spent on the computer (OK, I still do sometimes), but now it all seems worth it!

So, here’s the thing: I want to celebrate this. I tend to do things and then move on really quickly. I guess I did sort of celebrate being included in “Journal It!” by Jenny Doh – I went to Santa Ana for the book launch, and had a great time. But I don’t feel like I really internalized either of these events yet. What to do? I’m thinking of having a me-day: massage, movie, something like that. Any ideas? But beyond treating myself, how do I fully wrap my head around this? Maybe it just takes time…

Hope you enjoy the issue. The sketchbook pages that are featured in the article are fairly old, from about 2008/9, but the writing is all recent, and all mine (holy crap! I wrote an article)!


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