Gratitude Tuesday


Today I am grateful for:

1. My friend Eden asked me out for coffee (I’m meeting him after this). It is so rare these days that I am asked out by friends (I usually do the asking), that I am truly honoured, and looking forward to getting to know him better!

2. This comment by Connie on yesterday’s blog post:

“Just so you know, I had never heard of you or seen your art until I saw a preview of the “Journal It” book on another artist’s website I follow. I bought the whole book just so I would have your pages. And I have been following your blog ever since with great interest. Congratulations on publication in the book. It’s a huge accomplishment, and you should take great pride in it.”

I am so touched. Thank you, Connie.

Lori-Ann also posted a wonderful comment:

“Bel, your work is so lively and vibrant and filled with glorious cheer! It has evolved with a calm maturity and brings me joy when I see it. (Even when I don’t comment.) I’m sorry for your moment of not-so-good. I find it hard to move past negative too. I think it’s important to acknowledge it, and let it be a jumping point back to all that is good and right (on a good day. . . ). AND you are in a book!!”

Really, I loved all the comments yesterday, so thank you, everybody.

3. My family is safe and well.

What are you grateful for today?


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