In April, 2011, I received an email that just blew me away. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my mouth hung open for a full minute while I read and reread the email; it was an invitation from Jenny Doh to be a part of Journal It!, the new book she was about to work on. I couldn’t believe it, and for at least a month after that, I doubted it was real, until I spoke to other people who confirmed that Jenny is the real deal (I should note here that this speaks only to my lack of confidence in my own work at the time, and that I hadn’t seen Jenny’s books before that day – it has nothing to do with Jenny, of course). Not only is she the real deal, but she’s the SERIOUSLY AWESOME real deal.

So, once I started to believe it (like a month later, no joke), I was able to get working. I was really lucky to be able to meet Jenny in December 2011, and again in April of this year. I am so happy to have had this opportunity to work with her, but most of all, to meet her and now, to call her my friend.

Oh, right, this post is supposed to be about the book! But one more thing about Jenny first: go check out her blog, her art, her classes!

The reality of this is finally starting to sink in, although I don’t think it’ll be real until I have it in my hands! I’m going to be in a book! This is a huge (say this the way my brother would, in the Donald Trump voice.. UUUUGE!) – I am so excited!!

The book features 19 artists (holy crap! that’s me!), with techniques and tips related to their process of creating in art journals. You can get a peek into the book on amazon, where you can also pre-order it at a pleasing discount. It will hit the bookstores during the first week of November. I have already pre-ordered 10 copies, which I thought was a lot, until someone asked me, “That’s all?”

Here’s a little video about the book:

Finally, Studio CRESCENDOh, in Santa Ana, California (that’s Jenny’s awesome gallery/workshop space), will be hosting a book signing party on Saturday, December 2nd, from 7-10pm, and I will be there! Yippee! I will likely be doing a demo, and may have some works for sale as well.

Book! Book! Book!


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