Brooklyn Art Library

Our trip to NYC this year included a stop at the Brooklyn Art Library, just like last year. We wanted to give our sketchbooks some love and check out a few new ones, too.

We looked at some incredible books. First, we checked out books by my pen-pal friend, Jeannine Saylor. Her books have a sweet straight-forward style to them- they are lovely to look at.

Then we looked at a book by an illustrator named Gina Perry. She has such tiny detail in her work – it was so much fun to look at.

My favorite book there was by Lauren Schroer, from Chicago, IL. She used the theme “Sandwich”. I loved poring over that book!!

We also loved this book with cute monsters by Marie O’Riordan, from Toronto, Ontario.

Finally, one of my favorite pages of the day, by Berry Villegas, from Orlando, FL:

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Art Library

  1. Painter Lady

    I burned bacon on the weekend…I love love love this page…”I will make ur samich better. I make everything better.” lol I have been watching the sketchbook project for ages…got so far as to request a book only to find I had missed a deadline. I’ll have to get your help with this. These visual journals are beautiful!

  2. Gina

    Thank you so much for checking my sketchbook out – and sharing it here. I would have enjoyed looking through yours too! Your blog is so fabulous, creative, and honest. 🙂


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