Gorilla House Live Art: 11 (my lucky number!)

So before I tell you about the battle, you have to see this clip! Gorilla House was featured on CTV Calgary. Click here to see Rich Theroux in an interview, and four of the Gorilla House artists getting ready to battle. And Click here to see the Gorilla House battle as filmed by CTV. I am in it, at about 0:43, but watch it all! Isn’t it awesome?! YES!

So happy to be back in the battles after missing last week. Terry Storey surprised me by giving me a blown-up version of the photograph he took of me – it looks amazing! What a sweet surprise. This photograph was included in the Avenue article about Gorilla House a few weeks ago.

I really appreciated having some of my friends there last night – Tietje, Keven, and Riki – thank you for coming out! Your support means a lot to me. Met some great people, too, like Paul “FoodJustice” Hughes , and Michelena Bamford. Paul asked me to paint a large plywood panel for one of his outdoor art projects (exciting!), and I am looking forward to seeing Michelena at the Waldorf Faire, where she will also have a booth.

The 11th Gorilla House Live Art Battle

3 thoughts on “Gorilla House Live Art: 11 (my lucky number!)

  1. Marjie Kemper

    Wonderful post. Got to see the video this time. I’m so bogged down on email but I always save your alerts and am grinning for you tonight. Funny after posting earlier today, too, on another of yours. Best to you, B.


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