The Naked Leaf

I am super excited that The Naked Leaf, a tea shop in Kensington, will be featuring two of my paintings on their tin labels! I can’t wait to see them in person. Here’s what they are going to look like:

These are going to make great gifts! And to top off that excitement, I will get to take part in the 3rd Annual Tea Party, a show at the Resolution Art Gallery featuring the artists from The Naked Leaf tea tin collection. My friend Cheryl is going to be in it, too! More details to follow.


5 thoughts on “The Naked Leaf

    1. belknits Post author

      I just sent him the art about two days ago, so it might be awhile yet before they are up there! I will definitely get you some. When I am there, I’ll call you to discuss flavours!!

  1. Denice Brown (@inkstitch)

    You are doing SO MANY AWESOME things lately!! I am so excited with you!! Those tea labels are gorgeous; lovelovelove the whole Gorilla auction thing (what. a. riot.); your sketchbook is unbelievable (as always); that AHA video is still one of the best music videos of all time (and AHA was my first ever concert, by the way. I wore floral skinny jeans and a shirt much like the one in your latest flashback… awesomeness everywhere around here. Loveyoumuch. xx


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