Dear Puppy.

Dear Puppy,
We are really sad to have to make this decision, but we have decided not to take you home with us. We had so much fun visiting with you last week. Well, most of us did. The trouble is, C was still pretty scared, especially with all the big dogs running around, and so many puppies! Next time, we’ll make sure to go inside with just a few pups, so it won’t be so overwhelming for him. We are going to wait about a year or two. By then, he’ll be older, with more positive dog experiences, and taller, too. Plus, with him just starting grade school, things are stressful enough for him, and we don’t want it to be any harder. Our priority is that he feel safe at home.

O and Z (and mom and dad) are really sad about this. But even though I know there is never a “right” time, this just isn’t the best time. We want to have enough time to devote to training you, and this fall isn’t great for that. So, we hope you find a wonderful family to go home to. It was great to meet you and to imagine playing with you.


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