Something’s Gotta Give

Two nights ago I had a meltdown. OK, not a full-on, crying, hyperventilating, you-know-the-kind (my mom knows) meltdown (the kind I used to get during my undergrad- read: perfectionist), but the kind that wouldn’t let me fall asleep. When that happens, I know something has got to give. The bright side of this muted-meltdown is that I must be much less stressed overall than I used to be! Thank goodness!

The gist of this worry was that I can’t be supermom. We are getting a puppy shortly, and I finally figured out that something has got to give. I can’t do everything I planned for the fall AND devote time to training a puppy. Once I realized that, and I cancelled my participation in a September art show, I felt much better! The pressure is off now. Whew!

You know the moral of this story: listen to your body! It’s trying to tell you something. Oh, and life is short, so slow down and enjoy.


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