Flashback Friday: 1984

My brother and I, returning from a summer at Camp Wahanowin (near Orillia, Ontario). I can remember loving this outfit: Esprit button-down shirt, untucked, with baggy belt, plus some stylin’ earrings, which are hard to see. I still have my entire collection of crazy earrings from the 80’s, except for the huge silver thunderbolt-in-a-circle – I lost those (which is too bad, because they were the best!) This was the era of Roots and Beaver Canoe sweats, which I’m betting most people in the background are wearing.

And here’s my bedroom from the same year. I love this shot. It’s a total time capsule for me. Where to begin? The Duran Duran poster, of course. What you don’t see is the 6′ poster of John Taylor (also known as Corey Haim Duran – haha!), and the 3 or 4 filled scrapbooks of Duran Duran magazine clippings, the large John Taylor picture on my desk that I probably drooled over rather than do any homework. Not to mention all the pins… over 100… not kidding. Then there’s the nasty clown paint-by-number that I was proud of – ugh! There’s also my floral piggy bank, and the satin rainbow heart mobile (I LOVED that thing, and I still remember buying it with my grandparents in Florida). See the photo of Barry Bonnell on the wall? To be honest, I can’t remember why I even have that – perhaps my brother knows! Then there’s the floral desk blotter (always seemed to get in the way), the lamp with some completely useless glass bottles, and the wizard on a stick. I wish I could inspect the drawers and see what silly things were in there!

From the LP vault: “The Seventh Stranger” by Duran Duran. This was the year of their album, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger”. I’m choosing one of my favorites, even though it wasn’t a radio hit. The video is their live version, which is undoubtedly, embarrassingly, lip-synched (I’ve listened to it enough times to know, that’s without a doubt). Almost 30 years later and I still love their music as much as ever. Yay for Duran-squared!


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 1984

  1. Esther Budd

    Hey, Bel – about the lamp with completely useless glass bottles – that was an antique silver inkwell stand and those bottles held ink! It was made into a lamp because I thought it should still have a home and be useful. So, there you go. Useless information you never knew.


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