Self-Portrait Thursday:: New ‘do!

I don’t usually go to the salon to get my hair cut – it’s a pretty rare event- once, maybe twice a year. But I am lucky to have found someone I really like for those times that I do go! She is creative and good at what she does. Of course, it probably helps to have a client who says, “Do what you like! Give me something interesting, and don’t worry about cutting too much!” (that would be me). I’m super happy with this cut! It’s even possible to see some brown hair in the back now!


2 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Thursday:: New ‘do!

  1. Gabriela

    Love your look – forgot to tell you last night at dance. I had to slip out early to have an underwear meeting! BTW, the buttons are a hit with the Got Ginch guys – they love them.
    Thanks again, Belinda.

  2. angela found

    If I was there, I would rub my hand up and down the back of your head! I love that feeling! Hopefully you would too!


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