Self-Portrait Thursday

I love looking at other people’s self-portraits, but putting my own up is a real test for me. It makes me feel really vulnerable, much more so than showing my paintings. I guess I am way more critical of my own face than of my own paintings – someday I’d like to get to that place of complete acceptance – especially without my glasses! Part of this is getting over the “what big eyes you have” complex that I developed as a child. In the meantime, I am splurging on new glasses – 2 new frames! Can’t wait.


1 thought on “Self-Portrait Thursday

  1. Ma

    Well, blow me over. I never knew that your beautiful ‘big’ eyes bothered you as a child. They have always been your best feature IMHO, so I’m shocked. I guess there is no way to know why one person’s vision of beauty brings pain to another. Take a closer look, honey. You have gorgeous eyes.


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