Flashback Friday: 1997

Not the usual Flashback Friday photo, but I like this one because it’s dated by the stuff in it. This is from my second year in art conservation at Queen’s University, Harkness Hall dormitory. I’m obviously working very hard, because I have sour cream ‘n onion Pringles beside me. First, and most obviously dated thing – the massive computer, an Apple something or other (remember, “Insert Disk A”?). Actually, I guess that’s the only obvious dated thing. Sorry about that. Everything else looks dated to me because I haven’t seen these things in ages: the pictures on the wall, the bedspread, the jean jacket, the cup, the one-a-day calendar, those socks! If you look super closely, you may recognize some of the photos on the wall – I’ve used two of them on this blog.

Can I just say – 1997 was a CRAP year for music. I was just scrolling down the Billboard Top 100 songs for that year, and I can’t find a single song I liked. It was the year of “MmmBop” and “Barbie Girl” people… that explains a lot. I was probably listening to 80’s. Let’s leave it at that.

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 1997

  1. Gabriela

    You’re a Queen’s alumnus? Me, too, except I was there 20 years earlier and lived at Jean Royce Hall attached to McArthur Hall (Education). My flashback photos would look rrrrrrrrreally dated…


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