Paintings: gifted, unfinished, and done!

First, here’s the painting I gave to my mom for her birthday. We share a love of rainbows!

Next, some works-in-progress!

The painting above used to look like this:

Which used to look like this:

Crazy, eh? I’m still filled with gratitude to Flora Bowley for opening up the doors for me to trust my process and really have fun with painting. I’ve been loving painting more than ever.

And finally, I finished a commissioned painting for a friend. Normally I get pretty worked up about whether people will like the painting they have asked me to do (especially when they give zero guidelines). In this case, though, I am truly happy with it, and can’t wait to deliver!

Some of my favorite bits:

4 thoughts on “Paintings: gifted, unfinished, and done!

  1. Jamie

    Love the painting for your mom! Really like your other pieces too. I really have difficulty with the layering painting technique. I love the look BUT JUST CAN’T GO THERE. Covering up something i have painted seems so wrong. Possibly the training from the Michelle Cassou technique, where we never cover up what we’ve painted?? Thoughts??


    1. belknits Post author

      I just did Michele’s workshop in December, and now Flora’s last month. They are both “intuitive painting”, and yet, so strikingly different. Flora’s workshop emphasized having fun, find what is working and doing more of THAT. One of the best things I got out of it was the idea that, if you don’t like your painting, or it’s turned into mud, that is a great opportunity for you to be bold, be brave, and just try something new! Have you taken a course with Flora yet, Jamie? If not, I recommend it beyond anything else – it really changed my life. Her e-course is apparently really worthwhile, too.


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