Gratitude Tuesday and some sold paintings!

Today I am grateful for:

  • Chef Stephen (who cooks amazing lunches for the kids at our school) and his yummy dinners. I bought one tonight and it was delicious.
  • My amazing friend Shelley. I have been seeing her for Belief Re-Patterning sessions, which are so powerful. Shelley gave me a copy of the new book about this technique, by Suze Casey (who is also in Calgary – yay!). Thanks, Shelley!
  • Dr. Brene Brown and her wonderful blog and books about vulnerability. If you get a chance, read her post from April 15. I loved it.
  • Crying with my kids while watching “Hugo” today. They are so sweetly innocent, still.
  • Selling a bunch of my paintings recently! I am grateful that there are people who enjoy my art and wish to hang it on their walls. Here they are:

The first two are paintings I made for Matt and Meghan.

Here are the paintings in their new home:

I sold these two paintings to Amy:

Deborah bought these two:

And these are two that I sold to Monica. (I am also making a large painting for Monica, and I am very excited to see how it is turning out! More on that later!)

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