Happy Birthday BFF!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Angela (Smangela to me).

Here’s a goofy portrait we had taken in high school:

The pre-prom shot:

Last week!

[The following is reposted from Aug 2, 2011]

Earlier today, my son was wondering who I would call my best friend? According to him, I wasn’t allowed to pick my husband. Well, that’s easy: my BFF and SSS (that’s sweet soul sister, for those of you who haven’t listened to The Cult in a while) Angela. We have known each other since high school. We first met in Grade 10, when Ang had the poor luck of being paired with me for a skating performance in gym class. She ended up pushing me on a chair, because I couldn’t skate. Now that I’ve started writing this, a ton of stories are pouring into my head. There are too many to write about! We have had a lifetime together already.

Some high points:

  • putting our competition aside to work together on our Grade 13 art project. We made each other tapes with our own music on it (mine was heavy, thrashy, alternative – think Jane’s Addiction and Ministry; hers was soothing, mellow and beautiful – think Enya and Loreena McKennitt), then painted while blindfolded and listening to the other person’s music. Once that was done, we ripped it up and used it for a massive collage piece.
  • The Cult, Depeche Mode and Rolling Stones concerts. Especially the Depeche Mode concert – we literally couldn’t hear for a full day or more after it. Plus, the other stuff that happened.
  • Bel and Ang “Sing the Classics” (off-key, on purpose), while Ang’s brother bangs on her bedroom wall for us to shut up
  • writing new lyrics to “Wild Boys” (by Duran Duran) for our school
  • talking on the phone right after school was over
  • taping phone conversations with boys we liked
  • sleepovers and going to the kitchen at 2 am for pears
  • Ang coming over the night before an essay was due to use my computer
  • Ang’s surprise party for me in my basement (I was surprised!!)
  • listening to Chris Isaak on the way to Tobermory
  • harmonizing to “More than Words” on our way to figure drawing class in Guelph
  • Ang visiting last summer – dancing together and finally working through some really old crap about jealousy. Also, we slept in separate bedrooms, but kept yelling to each other down the hall, still giddy from dancing with the guy with the wacky name – Shine, was it?

This is a huge understatement, but I know I am leaving out a ton of stuff here. I may have to do a Part II some day. I am realizing now just how many of my memories are centered around music. No wonder they are such strong memories! I wish we lived closer to each other, but luckily we see each other at least once a year.

I love you, Ang!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BFF!

  1. angela found

    Wow Smelle! Thanks for reposting this great tribute to our friendship! I am filled with gratitude for all the great people in my life (midlife at 40 I guess is my reason…but I try to keep that everyday!)
    Don’t forget this points….
    You helping me through grade 10, 11 and 12 math. (everynight Bel patiently went through my math problems with me on the phone! after we talked about the boys….)
    The secret language your mom taught us that we used fluently!
    Ya, I loved your computer…..Thanks for all the last minute requests! (last one I remember was a paper on Magritte.
    Walking to Conestogo for ice cream!
    Going to U of W for the art scholarship competition.
    Long afternoons in the art room.
    You being very understanding about all the stupid boyfriends I chose (except Jamie!)
    Hanging out with Jamie and company!
    You making me super elaborate birthday collages!
    Memorizing SNL skits, like “choppin’ broccoli”.
    Singing Frank Zappa, “eat your greens!” (hhhmmmm a theme of healthful food going here….)
    Posing for each other in gr 12 for the clay portrait heads! I still have you my bookshelf!
    Me missing you when you went to camp all summer!
    Me wishing you lived closer because we would still hang out and do fun stuff together!
    I love you tonnes! Cant wait to see you soon!
    Love, your BFF, Smange


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