Sunshine Award!

Thank you, Jeannine, for passing on the Sunshine award!  Jeannine says that my blog is like her “virtual vitamin D”! How sweet is that?

This award is given to bloggers who brighten your day with positivity, creativity and inspiration! Eight questions are given to answer and you are asked to nominate five (although I’ve seen it listed on other blogs as 10!) other amazing and inspiring bloggers.

Favourite colour
If you have been reading my blog, or my profile anywhere on the internet, then you know I can’t pick just one. I do use yellow a lot, though.

Favourite animal
We have been doing serious puppy research these days, so right now I’d have to say a Cavalier King Charles spaniel!

Favourite non-alcoholic drink
Water. Where would we be without it?

Facebook or twitter
Facebook – keeps me in touch with my family, and I’m not limited to 140 characters.

Getting or giving presents
Giving a handmade present to someone who has a sense of how much work went into it.
Favourite flower
Can’t say I’ve ever really had one!

Favourite pattern
Anything with lots of bold color and contrast!

Favourite number
11 – it’s my birthday! Last year was 11/11/11!

I hereby announce that the Sunshine award is now going to the following bloggers:

Color Me Katie – this is the happiest blog out there. Katie is color and sheer happiness.

Jen Lemen – Pure honesty, tenderness and vulnerability.

Superhero Journal – one of my all time faves. So wonderful.

Yarn Harlot – if you ever need a good laugh (and you like yarn), go here. Canadian superhero.

Jenny Doh’s Blog – Jenny kicks butt. She rocks everything she touches, and encourages everyone else to do the same.



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