Art Secrets Revealed!

Last year I posted a tutorial showing how to make a striped painting. I thought it would be a captivating way to show my art, and I never thought anyone would actually try it. Then people started pinning my painting on Pinterest, and re-pinning, and it is still getting pinned. It’s my most viewed painting on craftgawker, too. I was really taken aback by how much exposure it was getting.

Last week, I received a comment about that painting. Part of the comment was, “I can’t believe you gave away your secret!” I’m a pretty firm believer in artists sharing information about techniques. Why should there be any secrets? Artists are “copying” each other by using the same techniques all the time.

I am curious to see what happens to my painting style when I take “Bloom True” with Flora Bowley (whose paintings I adore) at the Makerie in April. I have noticed that paintings by Flora’s workshop participants look a lot like Flora’s own paintings. I am realizing that this is to be expected when an artist is teaching their techniques. I wonder whether my paintings will start looking more like hers, or if I will be able to maintain my authentic look while still using her techniques.

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