Painting for me.

Lately I’ve been painting safe. Painting for others. Painting what I think other people want to see. What evidence do I have that staying safe will actually help me? None, actually. What evidence do I have that taking a risk will benefit me? Surprisingly, there is some; the paintings that people respond to the most, are the ones that I have painted from my heart, rather than my head. They are the ones that piss me off, make me angry, and the ones that I dislike the most. But they are also the ones that people respond to, and the ones that people want to buy. I guess it makes sense; if I’m feeling something as I paint, you’ll feel something when you look.

This is my goal now – to paint more from my body, less from my head. Paint what I like, not what I think others will like. It sounds so simple, but sometimes it isn’t easy. Using watercolors forces me to accept what is happening – they are harder to control than acrylics. I’m going to start playing more, and accepting more and using more watercolors. Oh, and dancing before I paint, to help me get out of my head.

After taking the intuitive painting workshop with Michele Cassou, I thought that I had to keep this kind of painting separate from my “work painting”. Now I am not so sure. This is all an experiment. I’ll let you know how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Painting for me.

  1. Jamie Lees

    Go for it Bel. I use Michelle’s intuitive techniques in the works I create. I use process to get to product, something Michelle suggests is two separate things. But for me process is how I feel my way to product. After 6 painting workshops I have taken her techniques and tweaked them to fit how I need to work.

  2. Joa Stenning

    I love this idea – “painting for me.” I read this post and I thought, “Isn’t that why I became a painter in the first place? Because it felt right for me?” When I get home from my boring desk job tonight, I’m going to take your advice and just paint whatever feels right and not worry about whether or not someone else is going to like it. Maybe this is something that all artists need to remind themselves of once in a while?


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