Why do you like these paintings, anyway?

My mother-in-law came over last night and made a sizeable dent in my supply of cards and paintings! The three paintings she bought were the ones that I struggled with the most. The two large ones (“Sometimes I feel stuck” and “Surrender”) were re-painted a few times, and hated a few times (or more), but when they were finished I ended up liking them (-ish). They weren’t my favourites, but I liked them enough. I continue working on paintings until they feel complete, not until I like them. I found it really interesting that my mother-in-law zeroed in on those three right away. Even at the Sophia Arts fall show and sale, most of the comments I received were about those paintings (the two large ones, anyway). Someone even wanted to buy one of them at the show! I find it really interesting how people respond to the paintings I make, particularly when I am not sure I even like them. Somehow, my least favourites end up being somebody’s favourites. It gives me the courage to bring everything to a show, because you never know what people will respond to! My guess is that it has something to do with the energy I have invested in the painting. I think some people are able to sense that when they look at a painting. This is part of why I don’t like to duplicate paintings for people – they will never have the same energy that was put into the original.

Without any good segue, I will also say that my children are almost all healthy again, thank goodness! Z’s fever finally broke after 4 days, and they are all back to school. Yay!


8 thoughts on “Why do you like these paintings, anyway?

  1. Leigh

    Your work is awesome – ‘Surrender’ is really, really POWERFUL! I can feel the energy you put into it. The colours are spectacular – (I adore colour in its most intense form): I totally understand what you’re saying about not duplicating. Each piece breathes and lives and to try to ‘clone’ that would not be the same. Rock on!

  2. Lauren

    I love your work. I was so happy when I came across your site for the first time. A lot of people are scared of or intimidated by color. I am definitely not one of those people, so I am drawn to your paintings. I love your use of color! And, something about the circles…I’m always drawing circles in my sketches. Your work is very inspiring for me!

  3. Christine

    That’s so interesting. I never thought about an artist’s decision making process (like whether or not to show a painting) before. It must be hard to show something you don’t particularly like but, as an ‘art outsider’, it makes perfect sense to me. There is literally something for everyone. Why make that decision FOR them by not including something in a show? Good for you.

    1. belknits Post author

      Strange that wordpress put you in my spam folder, considering you are on wordpress as well. Thanks for your comments, Christine. And by the way, the Reply-all thing drives me crazy. For me, it’s like some people are trying to show off to everyone else by hitting it.

  4. Hannah

    That’s the artist in you that’s never happy till it’s perfect . I do the exact same things your not sure you like always touch someone’s heart


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