This post is good enough.

I haven’t been outside for 7 days. OK, I’ve been out, but just to walk to and from the car. My son’s been sick and it’s a week off from school, so we have been chillin’ around the house. I’m starting to get a bit cagey, and noticing that I’m getting down on myself for not doing anything creative. Instead of focusing on what I have been doing, like posting something everyday on etsy and writing blog posts, I’m beating myself up for not painting. Then I go and make it worse by reading blog posts by people who are painting.

So. I wrote that paragraph yesterday, but I painted today and I’m feeling better about it all. I’ve even had moments of just enjoying (gasp!) the chilling around the house time. Been working on a jigsaw puzzle for the last few days. Oh, and now my daughters have fevers, too (why can’t kids co-ordinate their sicknesses?!).

Today is my 39th birthday (11/11/11!). I feel like I should be writing one of those big blog posts about 40 things to do before I’m 40, but that would be too much pressure to put on myself in the next year, so I won’t. I already have a lot of things that I’ll be working on in the next year, anyway. One is a new website. By the way, you can now reach this blog by typing! My brother Nate bought me a domain- cool birthday present, eh? This is quite the mixed up post. I will publish it as is – think of it as a statement about not having to present everything perfectly! Yes, that’s it.

Oh, wait.. I forgot to talk about this painting. Ha! These messages are exactly what I have needed this past week (see first paragraph above!). This is part of why I am always using positive messages in my art – I hope that someday it will actually sink in!

5 thoughts on “This post is good enough.

  1. Kel

    stream of consciousness writing/painting is very therapeutic and often delivers ust what you need to hear at that point in time

    how cool is your bro, buying your domain name for your birthday

    hope the kidlets have returned to happy health and you have not been bugged

  2. Marla

    I always feel like I am not good enough either. This is beautiful. You are good enough…very good. I am pinning you to my Pinterest page.
    Sounds like you have a lot going on.


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