The Real-Life Sketchbook Project

What I did on my Thanksgiving holiday: went to the Brooklyn Art Library! This is the home of Art House Co-op  and the Sketchbook Project! I participated in the project last year (and I am doing it again this year), and wanted to see how my book is doing. I was worried about the pages sticking together! While we were there, we had a chance to check out some other cool books, too.

The Brooklyn Art Library is a pretty small little shop, smaller than I expected, I guess, considering how many books they have to add after this year’s project is over! I think they’re gonna need a lot more bookshelves!! It was really inspiring to see the wall of books. Some of the covers are so ornately decorated!

You can take out books to look at based on the artist’s name, the theme, the city it comes from, or just whatever book looks interesting! I took out about 5 sketchbooks from Calgary, and then a few more for the kids to look at that had the theme, “Raining Cats and Dogs.”

We really liked this book by Barbara Wanhill of Calgary. She stuck to the cats and dogs theme, with a few chairs and other things falling from the sky. Great illustrations!







Another cool Calgary book included great line drawings of the Beatles. This one is by Tyler Lemermyer. We didn’t even come close to seeing a good chunk of sketchbooks. Didn’t even come close to hardly scratching the surface of what was there. I would love to go back another time, maybe without a 5 year old who gets bored quickly, so that I can spend a few hours poring over these amazing creations!

















Here’s me with my book! To see my fancy-digitized sketchbook from last year, click here!

2 thoughts on “The Real-Life Sketchbook Project

  1. stacie

    So fun Bel! I would love to sit there for hours and look at all that beautiful art. I’m really excited to get my sketchbook and start creating! Thanks so much for introducing me to this wonderful project.


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