What I am Afraid of:

  • world-wide catastrophe
  • water shortage
  • food shortage
  • no heat during winter
  • money becoming worthless
  • coughing => muscle spasms in back => back goes out
  • other people’s anger (sometimes)
  • my children dying
  • drowning
  • waking up during anesthesia
  • anything with more than 6 legs
  • becoming big
  • open heights
  • failure
  • success

What are you afraid of?

4 thoughts on “What I am Afraid of:

  1. Anne weil

    Okay. Should not have read that before I went to sleep. This list kinda scared me. It’s pretty impressive. If I can’t sleep tonight, I’m blaming you! No actually think it’s down right brave of you to capture these things in writing! Xo

    1. belknits Post author

      Ah, sorry about that, Anne. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared this list, after all. I really dislike when people talk out loud about possible disasters. It just makes me freak out even more. I guess I’m kind of doing the same thing. :(

  2. Mo

    I am afraid of
    incurring wrath
    never feeling I have reached my potential
    being intrinsically very ordinary and average
    having ideas above myself
    big waves
    travelling across a big ocean in a boat
    my son dying
    my son growing up to hate me
    dying alone

    funny. there are some things I really am not afraid of.


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