Letting the Universe Help – Mondo Beyondo Dreams

I’ve been thinking a lot about one item on my list from yesterday’s post: meeting and becoming friends with some people in the art world. A lot of analyzing has been going on, and while I still would love to meet these people, I think this is what is going on: by dreaming about becoming friends with them, I am attempting to validate my own self worth. If they were to like me enough to become friends with me, then that would mean I am 1. a good enough friend, 2. a good enough artist, and 3. successful enough to be friends with successful people. Something like that, anyway. If you have a psych degree, perhaps you can help me out with this one. Or maybe I’m just being too hard on myself; I have a history of doing that. After all, they are just dreams – things I wrote down on paper while the clock was counting down 10 minutes. Some of them I’m not sure about any more so I haven’t included them here. Here’s the expanded list, divided into the doable, and the need-help-able.

Me (things I can do, in time):

  • hot air balloon ride
  • travel to Japan to eat sushi
  • own a home in Greece with a pool, by the beach
  • have fun everyday
  • teach Core Connexion dance
  • be excited about each day and live in the moment
  • feel happy about my body
  • feel sexy
  • feel beautiful
  • feel SAFE
  • be part of a joint studio
  • be in an art collective that successfully sells our work every year
  • paint every day
  • eat what I want without worrying about consequences and remain healthy
  • take Painting from the Source or Point Zero class
  • meet Creative Coconuts
  • write/create a book with inspirational art
  • own a home/studio in NM

The Universe (things I need help with):

  • my art is discovered by a prestigious gallery and I have a show there
  • I’m asked to illustrate a book
  • meet SARK, Andrea Scher, Marisa Haedike, Danny Gregory and Sabrina Ward Harrison
  • invited to teach intuitive painting in far away places
  • my kids tell me what they worry about
  • successfully sell my paintings online and have a huge following
  • win a million dollars (or more) and hire a personal chef and massage therapist
  • teach an amazing dance/painting workshop that people love
  • someone famous buys my art
  • have a group of close women friends who meet every year for retreats
  • play harp in a pit orchestra
  • attend a birth

One action step I can take right now (just did) is to check out the dates of the next Michele Cassou workshop. I would love to attend one of the loooong ones!!



5 thoughts on “Letting the Universe Help – Mondo Beyondo Dreams

  1. Andi Schroeder

    Hi Bel, great list — I would love to take a Michele Cassou class also — a weekend workshop would be so awesome! Did I tell you already I love, love, love your neck scarf!! Did you make it?

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