Creative Coconuts

I have been in a bit of a rut lately. Two kids were sick a few weeks ago, and stayed home from school. For some reason, I got lazy and didn’t keep up my painting schedule. Being off the art wagon made me rusty, and I felt like I could do no good. No good art, in particular. It’s easy to fall into the negative talk and spiral into a dusty (and by dusty, I mean cheezies dust) world of procrastination and extensive computer use, and eating more junk food. Somehow, when I feel bad about one thing, I may as well make myself feel bad about it all, right?! All that computer use made my back go whacko again, too. Crappy! I know… poor me. I can hear the violins playing!

I’ve known all along what it would take to get out of this slump – PAINT. Easy as that. It’s true, and it’s happening. I still have some blah moments (actually, right now it’s more blah that not, but I’ll get over it eventually!) where I wonder why I bother, or think that no one will like it. I’m also still eating too much candy. But then again, who’s to say what’s too much, right?!

Anyway, in the midst of this negativity, I have always been able to sail away to my “island in the middle of the internet” – Creative Coconuts. There is so much support, love, beautiful art, and positive energy there! I love it, and am glad I joined! Marisa Haedike and Sean Hogan started the Creative Coconuts. They are inspiring and talented people.

Creative Coconuts!

Here’s a list of the Coconuts – please visit their blogs and see what amazing things are being created! Be inspired!

Top Row (L-R): Jane Davenport, Faith Evans-Sills, Sarah Stevenson.

2nd Row (L-R): Andi Dargin, Belinda Fireman (that’s me), Suzy Enyon.

3rd Row (L-R): Niki Jackson, Mairi Alexopoulou, Monica Soeldner.

4th Row (L-R): Stacie Spencer, Anne Weil, Kristen Walker.

Bottom Row (L-R): Stephey Baker, Beki Lambert, Denice Brown.

8 thoughts on “Creative Coconuts

  1. Stacie

    Bel, Thanks so much for sharing the creative coconuts info! I really appreciate it. Hang in there, it’s tough to stay motivated when the kids are little. It gets so much easier as they get older.

    Your painting is beautiful and inspirational, you must go on! Btw, there is no such thing as too much candy!

    xoxo Stacie


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