Starbucks Tizzy

The Sketchbook Project p. 27-28.

I love how sketches can draw me back to the time when they were made. These pages were done at Starbucks, when my Ma was visiting us in November. I don’t usually spend much time there (my Mom does, though!!), but it was so cozy and comforting to be in a warm place, on a cold day, drinking hot, sweet drinks, with my Ma!! We worked on the drawing on the right together, taking turns saying, “Switch!”, when we would have to turn the page around and continue drawing. I’ve only done a couple drawings like this (with other people), but I really like how they turn out. And now when I see it, I think of my Mom. I love you, Ma!!

WordPress has started a Post a Day and Post a Week challenge. I am so tempted by these challenges, which is why I am right in the middle of the Sketchbook Project! But – I’m almost done! Just *this* close to finishing! I’m seriously behind on scanning the images in, but that will happen, eventually. I was tempted by Flickr’s 365 Day project as well, but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up to that one. So… should I join in on the Post a Week? Or is that too much pressure?

4 thoughts on “Starbucks Tizzy

  1. Esther

    The drawing reminds me also of that cozy time. It was so much fun to do with you, honey.

    Hmmm, post a week is do-able. I’m thinking on it myself. It’s kind of what I try to do anyway with my knitting blog.



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