Fun at the Waldorf Faire

My first craft show at the Waldorf Faire was a success! My mom was there and helped me set up on Friday, stayed with me all day Saturday and helped me dismantle it all. What a lot of work! Thanks, Ma!! I am so glad she was there experience it with me!

I sold over 70 magnets, some pins, cards, the lazy susan, 3 frames, and a painting, plus got a commission for another painting! My daughters sold half of their dolls, too! I loved being able to talk to so many people that I know. One girl from the school came back to the table three times (and bought something each time!).

I was surrounded by great people – Michelle and Alecia (selling belt buckles), Colleen (knitwear and jewelery), and Darcy from the Alberta Etsy team was right behind me! I look forward to doing it again next year!


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