Wedding Painting

We are going to our friends’ wedding this weeked. They asked for no gifts, but I still wanted to make them something – this is it! I hope they like it. It will be a great party, I’m sure, since we know each other from Wednesday Core Connexion dance. I’m looking forward to the dancing!

We are having two 9-year olds over for a sleepover party (with our 2 9-year old daughters). Lots of laughter coming up! I just hope they let my 4-year old son play with them! The girls are getting to the stage where they want their own time with their friends. I don’t blame them (I know what it’s like to have younger brothers!!), but it is way easier for me when they do let him play!

I’ve noticed a large spike in viewers to this blog since I have been posting more, and getting my work on craftgawker. Please feel free to comment! I love getting feedback.

1 thought on “Wedding Painting

  1. Souzan Armstrong

    beautiful artwork Belinda. Can you please email me, I would like to reconnect with you if you like to catch up on 15 years with an old friend.


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