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SelfLove365: Day 208
Mary Rose told me today that I have Visionary as one of my roles in my Wheel. Hearing more about it, this makes sense. I paint the pictures, I have the vision of a project and what it could be. Figuring out if this is the right thing for me is what comes next. She also mentioned that the Visionary is all about planning and scheduling, and I’ve recently realized how I need to introduce better time management into my life, to make things happen. I love how the teachings of the Medicine wheel fit right into my life.


Moving Forward.

SelfLove365: Day 201
JP told me today that this is something he likes about me- that I bring things up, and don’t let them fester… I’m choosing to move forward. I have enough experience sitting with the shitty feeling of being stuck, that my incentive to move forward and grow is pretty high.



SelfLove365: Day 199
For some reason, I’m unable to use the word “generous” to describe myself. Giving, maybe, at times.

Today a friend told me he really liked my painting that I made yesterday. In that moment, I knew I would give it to him. He then asked me if it was still available, and I knew it was the perfect gift.