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SelfLove365: Day 241
My brain is a jumble, like it usually is after vacation, and there is so much to do and catch up on. When I am able to concentrate, I get through things much quicker. Allowing for breaks makes it all more doable, too.
I’m finding my daily meditations to be the best practice for this.


Taking care of business

SelfLove365: Day 214
Been working hard all day to list new items in my Etsy shop!


Finding my ground

SelfLove365: Day 213
I need all the reminders I can get to find myself back in my body, feeling anchored to the Earth. Tonight it was Core Connexion that helped me.


Flow. Be me.

SelfLove365: Day 212
Sometimes it’s easier to stop fighting myself and let me be me. Flow into the ease of the moment.